Tui Newsletter – March 2019


As the weather is still warm can you please provide your child with a named sunhat and drink bottle. We would also like to continue to ask all whanau to sunblock their children before arriving at Polyhigh in the mornings.

Please return any wet bags.

If your child has any soiled clothing, the clothing will be bagged and put in the white bin in the children’s bathroom, this clothing is to be collected on the day of the toileting accident, thank you.

We have also had several cases of headlice in the Tui room, checking your child’s hair regularly is recommended, especially during this time, when headlice seems to be more prevalent. Can you please inform the teaching team if your child has had headlice, thank you.

Can you please check and trim your children’s fingernails, as we have had a few children scratched whilst playing with their peers. Thank you.  

It would also be greatly appreciated if whanau who haven’t filled in a “Who am I” form, could do so and return the completed form to one of the teaching team. The forms are located next to the daily sign in sheet.

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PolyHigh Child Care Centre Kiwi June Newsletter

Kiwi Room Newsletter April/May

Kia Ora everyone,

It is hard to believe that we are nearly through to the middle of the year. There have been many changes in the Kiwi room. We have nearly a whole new group of children and all our older kiwis have transitioned to the Tuatara room.

We would like to welcome our new families to the Kiwi room, Isla and her parents Rosie and Andrew, Harvey and his parents Aimee and Chris and big brother Harrison, also Harper and her parents Michelle and Rodney and big sister Thea, and Albert and his parents Natalie and Andrew. Read more

Tui Newsletter – Nov 2016

Kia ora whanau Kia ora whanau, thank you for taking time to read our newsletter. As a group, we have recognised the importance of providing a visual newsletter, which celebrates what we do at Polyhigh. Our newsletter not only aims to inform and remind, but to provide documentation of the children’s learning, development and our […]

Tui Newsletter – Jan/Feb 2016


We warmly welcome our new tamariki:

  • Mackenzie Perfect
  • Aria Ihimaera- Dawkins
  • Anton Reddaway
  • Isaiah-Johnson Satti
  • Laura Rees,
  • Jasmine McCullough
  • Delta Cromie
  • Harriet Brown.

It is a pleasure to have you with us and we are looking forward to getting know you and your whanau, welcome to your new learning environment.

Sadly we say goodbye to the following children:
Harrison, Kuimiria and Harvey who are moving out of the Wellington area.  We will miss you all.

child-care-tui-groupTui /Preschool Programme Planning
The Tui room teachers have noticed that the children have been talking a lot about transportation and they have been actively questioning and investigating the mechanics associated with cars and aeroplanes.  We have been exploring the process of motion and how the mechanisms of an engine works in order to create movement.  The teachers have recorded rich dialogue from the children’s conversations and we will use this to plan relevant learning experiences that fosters this emergent interest. Read more

Tui Group Newsletter – December 2016

chritmsa-2016We warmly welcome our new tamariki; Harvey Lofthouse, Billie Jean Howard and Harrison Riddell to the Tui Group.  It is a pleasure to have you with us and we look forward to getting to know you and your whanau.

Tui Group Programme Planning
Over the past couple of months our focus has been on sustainability and conservation which we have been exploring through art, song, stories and ICT. 

We are currently getting into the festive spirit and have been making Christmas decorations with the children.  Our tamariki and kaiako have been doing some amazing activities including colouring Christmas trees,  wrapping Christmas presents, baking a delicious gingerbread house, making salt dough decorations, creating father Christmas costumes, Christmas face painting, and making a sleigh. Read more

Tui Newsletter – October & November 2015

A warm welcome to our new student, Samantha Whaanga who is from Victoria University. She will be doing her Teaching Experience in the Tui group for six weeks. We also have Doaa  from Careers College who will be with us until the end of November.

Sadly we say goodbye to Maggie and Thomas who have both turned five and are starting school. We wish them all the best on their new journey. Maggie and Thomas we are going to miss you! Read more

PolyHigh Child Care Centre Kiwi June Newsletter

Kiwi Newsletter – September/October

We welcome to our Kiwi room;

  • Greta and her Whānau Sarai and Klaus,
  • Nicha and her Whānau Sam, Nick and big brother Natan,
  • Holly and her Whānau Jiana, Chris and big sister Taylor and;
  • Harry and his Whānau Rachel, Luke and big sister Grace.

We also welcome Winsey (Tui teacher) who will be in our Kiwi room until the end of the year. Kia Ora Winsey. We farewell Harry and Magnus who are transitioning to the Tuataras. We wish them both all the best with their new adventures and learning journey. Read more