PolyHigh Child Care Centre Kiwi June Newsletter

Kiwi Newsletter – January/February

Kia Ora everyone,
We are now well into the new year and the end of February is fast approaching where has the time gone?.


We would like to welcome Emily and her whanau Alison and Nathan and big sister Anna who is in the Tui room. We hope you enjoy your time in the Kiwi room with us.


We have said goodbye to Isla and Albert who have joined the Tuatara group and also to Preston who will join them in two weeks. The kiwi kaiako hope you enjoy your new journey in the Tuatara room with many challenges ahead for all of you.
Beatrice 2nd


The Kiwi room staffing is remaining the same into the new year with Joyce as our main reliever covering non contact, and Melissa (Tui room) relieving for annual leave and sick leave we are also lucky to be able to call upon Skyler who relieves at the Centre on a regular basis, if need be. This ensures continuity in the Kiwi room as the little kiwis will see familiar faces.

Programme Planning

At present our group planning is based around sand and all things sandy. We have purchased new sandpit toys and the children are enjoying the challenge of them using different size buckets and spades to give them different aspects of gross motor and fine motor play. We will continue this programme over the warmer months. Check out our planning board opposite the kitchen door, which has numerous photos and learning stories. Over time and with guidance and encouragement children will become increasingly capable of recognising and appreciating their own ability to learn and be able to use a wide range of skills to play and learn with others, and of course it is great fun!

Enviroschools Sustainbility Programme

Now that we have obtained the Bronze award in the enviroschools programme we will be working towards our silver over the next year. The children are continuing with sustainability practices in the Kiwi room with the water valve, cloths for washing faces and recycling being the most prevalent of our programme. The children are still continuing to care for the environment and each other and love to set about wiping down chairs and tables. Children, through this programme are taking part with each other in caring for our place, making connections between people, places and things in their world, as well as making sense of their world. Our sustainability board is next to the planning board to the left of the bathroom door.


Please sunblock your child before coming to the Centre. Please bring lots of changes of clothes as children are playing with all things messy especially at this time of the year Please dress your children in old clothes as their is a great deal of painting etc. which may stain clothing. Please remember to sign your child in and out of the Centre.

Ka Kite
The Kiwi Kaiako