Kiwi Newsletter – May/June 2017

Kia Ora

It is hard to believe we are nearly half way through the year. Thank you for all your support during my accident, being off for nearly three months there was many new faces to get to know, and it is great to be back in the Centre.

Recently we farewelled Fearne Crane and Ardy Buxton who have moved to the Tuatara group. We look forward to visiting you when we have other children visiting in transition. It will also be Brook’s transition in two weeks.

We would like to welcome all the children that have started in the Kiwi room this year, Ava, Ben, Charley, Ella, Eleri, Lennox, and Sullivan, and their Whanau. We hope you all enjoy your time in the Kiwi room, and In June Eleanor and Kora will be transitioning into our room as well.

Birthdays May/June

We wish a Happy Birthday to:
Eleri 1st
Sullivan 30th

Phoebe  19th


At present we have five teachers in the Kiwi room, Isabella who is a fulltime reliever, Joyce who covers Monday Tuesday and Thursday and Macy who covers Wednesday and Friday. We are working on filling position of teacher, made vacant by Jane.

Health and Safety

We will be holding a fire and earthquake drill during the month of June which is for all the Centre, the Kiwi room will hold spontaneous earthquake drills so that our new kiwis will get to know it in a non threatening way, this will alleviate stress to our children in the event of a real big one.

Two teachers in the Centre attended a course run by the Regional Health, and they brought back some interesting information that will tighten up areas in the Centre  in the way of health and safety more news on this at a later date.

We have also observed the children have very runny green noses,  please keep them at home, or take them to the doctor, as a green runny nose denotes an infection.

Programme Planning

At present our group planning is centered around “Helping out in the Centre”, as we have noticed that many of the children want to help do tasks, even our little one year old’s which is great to see. This encompasses all aspects of our Early Childhood Curriculum the strands of which are Well-being, they can become involved in the programme, Belonging, they know they have a place and connect experiences with home and Centre, Contribution, they are affirmed as individuals and are encouraged to work alongside others.and Exploration, they enjoy active exploration with all the senses and use materials and equipment to extend skills.

Self Review

We are starting a self review on transitions this will include:

  • New children starting in the Kiwi room.
  • Children transitioning into the Tuatara room.

We will be looking at:

  • The settling in policy.
  • Feedback from parents on how their child settled  in and any improvements that can be made.
  • Feedback from teachers on the transition process both in the Kiwi and Tuatara room.
  • Feedback from parents on their child settling in the Tuatara room.
  • This will take place from June until the end of August.


  • Please keep your child home if they are unwell.
  • Could we please have warm clothing for the children especially spare clothes.
  • Sign your child in and out.
  • Only soft shoes in the room children need to put their shoes on the shelf in the hall.

Annual General Meeting – 13 June 2017

5.45 pm             BYO fish and chips
6.15 pm             Annual General Meeting

Song of the Month





Ka Kite everyone
The Kiwi teachers.