Kiwi Room Newsletter April/May

Kia Ora everyone,

It is hard to believe that we are nearly through to the middle of the year. There have been many changes in the Kiwi room. We have nearly a whole new group of children and all our older kiwis have transitioned to the Tuatara room.

We would like to welcome our new families to the Kiwi room, Isla and her parents Rosie and Andrew, Harvey and his parents Aimee and Chris and big brother Harrison, also Harper and her parents Michelle and Rodney and big sister Thea, and Albert and his parents Natalie and Andrew.


We say farewell to Charley, Eleri, Ryan, Sullivan who have transitioned to the Tuataras and to Mabel who will join their group at the end of May. We wish you well and hope you enjoy your time in the Tuataras.

Birthdays March/April/May
Happy Birthday to:

Albert 25th
Pete 31st

Preston 12th

Frankie 10th

Yuna is now a permanent member of our staff and we welcome her to the team in the Kiwi room. At present Winsey is away for three weeks and her position is being covered by Melissa who is a teacher in the preschool. Yuna will be away two weeks in June and this will be covered by Joyce. We are fortunate to have such great relievers who know the children and with whom the children feel so comfortable. Our new relievers are Kitty and Joy. Joy will be working in the Centre for the next six months she is from Venice and is working in New Zealand until she goes back home.

Programme Planning
We are continuing with our music programme planning as we had such a change in children that it will benefit all those who are new to the room as well. Recently we have had Lisa over from the Tuatara room to play the guitar and sing, which the children have enjoyed. We are continuing to play a variety of classical music throughout the day which we find is very soothing for our new kiwis settling in to the Centre. We also have a greeting song in the morning and our Maori song about a whale is being learned and recognized by our young kiwis. The children love having the puppets at music time and will now put them on their fingers and shake there hands around humming and verbalizing sounds that they have observed the teachers doing. We also hope to purchase a bigger variety of hand puppets and some sound makers to enhance our programme.

Whole Centre Review
This is still ongoing . Two teachers attended a sustainability course at the botanical gardens, children’s garden. They were shown around the garden and discussed what was grown and how rain water was accumulated etc The teachers came away with some great ideas with vertical gardens being one of the highlights.

Self Review
This will be ongoing for this year as we have so many new children.
We are focusing on Te Whaariki Belonging.
The room is safe and secure where each child and their family and treated with respect and diversity. All children need to know that they are accepted for who they are and that they can make a difference. Feeling that they and their Whanau belong contributes to their wellbeing and gives them the confidence to try new experiences. Children experience an accessible and inclusive curriculum that offers meaning and purpose. Parents are given up to a month for transition with their child, giving them time to fully participate in the different Centre routines.
Transitions across and into the settings have been planned and recognise what children and their Whanau bring with them. Children need to know that their ECE setting is part of their wider world and inclusive of their parents and Whanau. Children are more likely to feel at home if they regularly see their own culture and language valued. Belonging is nurtured through social interaction with Kaiako and other children and by respecting the achievements and aspirations of each child’s family and community.

Remember to: Supply a Civil Defence Pack
Bring warm spare clothes.
Sign your child in and out.
Take your shoes off at the door.

Health and Safety
From time to time viruses do the rounds of the Centre please keep your child home if unwell At present we are seeing high temperatures and a vomiting bug. Please keep an eye out for these. Exclusion from the Centre is 48hrs after last vomit.

Ka Kite
The Kiwi Teachers.