Tuatara Newsletter June

Tuatara Newsletter – April 2016

Kia Ora Whanau,

april-2016-3Welcome – We warmly welcome our new children and their families who joined us this April;

  • Thea Ford and her whanau Michelle and Rodney
  •  Greta Beckmann  and her whanau Sarai and Klaus

Likewise two Tuataras , Ben Ihimaera Pritchard and Maisie Dennis moved to the Tui Room. Both are enjoying their new adventures and explorations, friends and teachers.

Farewell – We sadly farewell two of our dear and valued teachers , Kerri Adams and Mayumi Burkhart.

Kerri is moving to sunny and lovely Hawke’s Bay. She has to end her six years of wonderful and innovative teaching contributions to the Tuatara Area and to Polyhigh. Her last day is on the 15th of April, Friday.

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PolyHigh Child Care Centre Kiwi June Newsletter

Kiwi Newsletter – April 2016

 Kia Ora,

Welcome to our new Kiwi Whānau:
Spencer – Andrea & Hayden
Phoebe – Nat & Doug
Fern – Megan & Ritchard

april-2016-2 We farewell Greta and Thea who have transitioned to the Tuataras. It was a pleasure to have followed your journeys in the Kiwi room and we wish you all the best with your new adventures.

As you all know by now I have resigned from my role as head teacher in the Kiwi room and entering a new adventure of retirement! It has been wonderful to have been part of so many children’s journey during their early childhood years and I will for ever treasure this. Thanks again to all Whānau for their support and kind wishes.  Read more

Upcoming dates to remember

Some dates for your diary:

Tuesday 26 April – Teachers Only day
Saturday 28 May – Working Bee

I will be on leave from 3rd March until Monday 4th April.  Any casuals or queries please see the respective assistant supervisor for your child’s group:
Len  – Kiwi
Editha – Tuatara
Sa – Tui

Any queries regarding your account please ring Kathleen on 380 8087.

Any committee enquiries please see the chairperson Lucy Dye.

Thanks Sue

PolyHigh Child Care Centre Kiwi June Newsletter

Kiwi Newsletter – Jan/Feb 2016

Kia ora and welcome to the new year.
We hope you all had a relaxed and peaceful time during the festive season.

We welcome our new children and Whānau:

  • Jesse – Cathy
  • Ethan – Cara, Paul and sister Ella
  • Florence – Charlie, Steve, sister Clementine and brother Harry
  • Rose – Tanya, Andrew and sister Lucy
  • Max  – Cat and Olly

We farewell the children who have transitioned to the Tuataras: Davy, Lulu, Anne and Eli. We have enjoyed following their journey of learning and growing in our Kiwi room. We wish you all the best with your new adventures and challenges.

Winsey will be traveling to China this month and during her absence Margaret will be relieving in the Kiwi room.

Visit to Havana coffee breweryOur Programme for the year has been a busy one with settling in our new children and transitioning the older children to the Tuataras. We have been focusing on their well-being and belonging.

As part of our group planning we would like to familiarize the children with the outside environment and community in relation to the centre. We would like to link the outings to a project that we can do with the children, or to enhance our own environment. (Outing policy and permission slips will be available).

So far we took a trip to Havana coffee brewery and looked at how the beans were ground. We also collected some coffee sacks which we used to cover a wall in our conservatory. Read more

Tui Newsletter – Jan/Feb 2016


We warmly welcome our new tamariki:

  • Mackenzie Perfect
  • Aria Ihimaera- Dawkins
  • Anton Reddaway
  • Isaiah-Johnson Satti
  • Laura Rees,
  • Jasmine McCullough
  • Delta Cromie
  • Harriet Brown.

It is a pleasure to have you with us and we are looking forward to getting know you and your whanau, welcome to your new learning environment.

Sadly we say goodbye to the following children:
Harrison, Kuimiria and Harvey who are moving out of the Wellington area.  We will miss you all.

child-care-tui-groupTui /Preschool Programme Planning
The Tui room teachers have noticed that the children have been talking a lot about transportation and they have been actively questioning and investigating the mechanics associated with cars and aeroplanes.  We have been exploring the process of motion and how the mechanisms of an engine works in order to create movement.  The teachers have recorded rich dialogue from the children’s conversations and we will use this to plan relevant learning experiences that fosters this emergent interest. Read more



If you have your child booked in over the Christmas/New Year period we would like to remind you the following:
Thursday 24th  December (Xmas eve) the centre closes at 3.00 pm
Friday 25th December (Xmas day) –  CLOSED
Monday 28th December –  CLOSED
Tuesday 29th December –  8.00am–4.00pm
Wednesday 30th December –  8.00am–4.00pm
Thursday 31 December (New Years eve) –  8.00am–3.00pm
Friday 1st January 2016 –  CLOSED
Monday 4th January 2016 –  CLOSED

Polyhigh reopens normal hours from Tuesday 5th January 2016.

Please bring a lunch box of healthy food on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December, Polyhigh will provide morning and afternoon tea.   Please do not forget a drink bottle as well.


Tui Group Newsletter – December 2016

chritmsa-2016We warmly welcome our new tamariki; Harvey Lofthouse, Billie Jean Howard and Harrison Riddell to the Tui Group.  It is a pleasure to have you with us and we look forward to getting to know you and your whanau.

Tui Group Programme Planning
Over the past couple of months our focus has been on sustainability and conservation which we have been exploring through art, song, stories and ICT. 

We are currently getting into the festive spirit and have been making Christmas decorations with the children.  Our tamariki and kaiako have been doing some amazing activities including colouring Christmas trees,  wrapping Christmas presents, baking a delicious gingerbread house, making salt dough decorations, creating father Christmas costumes, Christmas face painting, and making a sleigh. Read more

Children’s Christmas Party – Dec 4

The PolyHigh Children’s Christmas Party will be on the Friday 4th December.

2.30pm–3pm:  Entertainment – BJ Bear.
3pm: Father Christmas will be handing out presents in the Kiwi and Tuatara room followed by afternoon tea for these two groups.
3pm: Preschool afternoon tea in the Tui room followed by Father Christmas. Read more

Tui Newsletter – October & November 2015

A warm welcome to our new student, Samantha Whaanga who is from Victoria University. She will be doing her Teaching Experience in the Tui group for six weeks. We also have Doaa  from Careers College who will be with us until the end of November.

Sadly we say goodbye to Maggie and Thomas who have both turned five and are starting school. We wish them all the best on their new journey. Maggie and Thomas we are going to miss you! Read more

Fee schedule 2016

Schedule of Fees (effective 4th January 2016)

The Management Committee annually reviews fees and optional charges and sets them at the lowest level possible to ensure increasing costs do not erode the high standard of education, care and facilities for which Polyhigh has become known. These fees are adopted by the parent committee. Read more