The value of Rough and Tumble play

Rough and tumble play holds value for young children in relation to their physical, social and educational development.  The physical benefits of energy release, exercise and practice of motor skills might seem obvious but there are significant benefits in other developmental areas as well. Rough and tumble play holds a social dynamic which aids in the development of social competency as children learn about themselves and others.  Children are learning about self-control, compassion when caring for another player, boundaries of what is acceptable in the play, how to adapt their play to the abilities of others, and how to make judgements of their abilities in relation to others. Rough and tumble play supports learning to co-operate, share, take turns, resolve conflicts, develop leadership skills and to control impulses and aggressive behaviour.   Educationally, rough and tumble play holds value as children experiment and take risks, practice skills, build self-esteem, improve their communication skills and develop their ability to regulate their attention and persistence.