Tuatara Newsletter – June 2016

Kia Ora Whanau,

Welcome to the winter issue of our Tuatara Parent Newsletter. We had lots of changes with our staffing and a few children have joined our group. We warmly welcome our new children from the Kiwi room and their whanau:

  • Jesse Blakely and his whanau Cathy ;
  • Theodore Henry and his whanau Sarah and Michael;
  • Holly Benham  and her whanau Jiana and Chris and sister Taylor; and
  • a new child Nora Johnston and her whanau Hannah and Liam, (she starts on June 27)

We hope that you will welcome these new families and help them settle into our group.

Likewise we farewell our friends Robin Johnston and Harry Mather who  joined the Tui  Preschool group last month. Two more Tuatara children will join the Preschool group at the end of this month, Tawhiri Thomas and Harry Richards. We hope these children will enjoy their journey and find new adventures with friends and teachers in their new group – Tui Group.

We warmly welcome Sam  Tuckey as our new teacher in the Tuatara room. Sam is a qualified fully registered ECE teacher and has taught in the Tui Preschool for five years. She has gladly accepted to fill in the post of the third teacher in our room. We welcome her warm and caring nature and value her expertise and knowledge in the care and education of our young children.

We acknowledge our Tuataras who turned two years old  Edison , Thea and Greta. They had a wonderful birthday celebration and shared their healthy and delicious kai with us.

Tuatara June Newsletter june-2016-1Programme Planning
As part of our programme planning, we are introducing an additional way to communicate information  and  provide feedback about your children’s dispositions , well being and needs . This Daily Communication Chart will be available for parents to fill in at the beginning of the day and is placed next to the sign in sheet . Parents from the Kiwi room who have moved recently are familiar with this communication chart and will just continue following the same process. We are looking forward to your input in this new process of communication. Please approach the Tuatara teachers for any queries. Here are some of the information on the Daily Communication Chart:

  • What time did your child wake up in the morning?
  • When was his last nappy change? (On Toileting) When did he/she go to the toilet?
  • What time did your child have breakfast?
  • Other information you would like to share to us for the day  (Sleep time concerns, meal times and other information about your child.)