Tuatara Newsletter May/June 2018

Kia Ora Whanau,

A warm welcome to our Tuatara families and to the new members of our group. This is our May-June Newsletter now posted in the community page of Storypark. We are almost halfway through the year. We have a lot of changes and transitions with new families  joining our group and farewells that have happened over the past couple of months. 

In the months of April and May new children and their whanau from the Kiwi room joined the Tuatara group:

  • Ryan Li and his whanau Sofia and Michael
  • Ella Morrison and her whanau Amy and Matthew
  • Charley MacDonald and her whanau Kelly and Ritchie
  • Sullivan Craig and his whanau Lisa and Andrew


  • Mabel  Fall and her whanau Naomi and Rob

Likewise we have a new family who had recently joined us

  • Julia Campli-Anitelea and her whanau Marie and Camillo

Two new children are having transition visits, they will be joining us on the 2nd and 23rd  of July.
A very warm welcome to all of our new families!


Likewise we congratulated two Tuatara children who have graduated from our room:

  • Fearne Crane and Phoebe Haines

Three children and their families have moved to another city or new centre and for extended trip/ holiday.

Rose Clarke, Eleri Fenwick, Kora Ricatti

We would like to acknowledge Tuatara children who turned two years old.  Ra whanau Kia Koe !

  • Ella Morrison   April 9th
  • Charley MacDonald   April 20th
  • Ryan Li     May 5th
  • Sullivan Craig   May 30th

Programme Planning:
Whole Centre Enviro School Programme on Sustainability, we are continuing with providing our tamariki some learning experiences on taking care of our environment. The worm farm is thriving well in spite of the cold winter season and the children are nurturing them and feeding them well with the right kind of food, we are using the worm tea to feed our vegetable gardens.   Our tamariki and the new ones too, are having hands on experience of baking our Rewena bread which is part of their healthy morning kai every Friday.

We had a successful celebration of the Samoan Language Week with song and dances (wearing of the Samoan costume “lavalava”), using phrases and expressions for greetings and counting, storytelling and this culminated with the Samoan flag raising and national anthem and enjoying the Samoan food and culture.(Learning Story available in Storypark).

Planning for the Matariki Celebration is still ongoing. Our tamariki have been provided with lots of learning opportunities for understanding the myths and legends about Matariki. We had lots of “waiata and haka”, baking Maori bread (Rewena), arts and crafts and they participated in the tikanga of “harakeke” or flax weaving.

On Transitions, we are focusing on the Te Whariki- Learning Strand: Well-being and Building Relationships as we settle new children and those tamariki from the Kiwi Room to our group.

Our tamariki who have graduated and moved recently to the Tui Room have experienced a sense of pride as they wore the “korowai” a symbol of a new beginning as they enter the next stage of learning and new experiences.

 Working Bee and AGM     Saturday, 9-12 pm, June 30th

Please take part, join and get involved in this event. The Annual General Meeting will be from 10:30 to 11:00. Please bring a plate of food to share for the morning tea.

Please ensure that your child has enough named spare clothes and footwear that are suitable for this cold winter weather.

Ka Kite Ano,
Editha , Sam, Lisa, Mayumi