Tui Newsletter – March 2019


As the weather is still warm can you please provide your child with a named sunhat and drink bottle. We would also like to continue to ask all whanau to sunblock their children before arriving at Polyhigh in the mornings.

Please return any wet bags.

If your child has any soiled clothing, the clothing will be bagged and put in the white bin in the children’s bathroom, this clothing is to be collected on the day of the toileting accident, thank you.

We have also had several cases of headlice in the Tui room, checking your child’s hair regularly is recommended, especially during this time, when headlice seems to be more prevalent. Can you please inform the teaching team if your child has had headlice, thank you.

Can you please check and trim your children’s fingernails, as we have had a few children scratched whilst playing with their peers. Thank you.  

It would also be greatly appreciated if whanau who haven’t filled in a “Who am I” form, could do so and return the completed form to one of the teaching team. The forms are located next to the daily sign in sheet.

Many thanks, Tui teaching team

Programme planning

Exploring Art and Print Symbols

The Tui room will be exploring a variety of artforms that will give the tamariki several opportunities to engage with mixed media experiences, like printmaking, weaving, charcoal and crayon rubbings. We will also be looking at using natural materials to enrich this process for our tamariki. If you are creative and would like to come in and do a workshop for our tamariki, please speak to one of the teaching team.

From Seed to Table

We have welcomed the latest rainfall as our garden is just flourishing. Our tamariki have harvested some tomatoes, herbs and potatoes, which have all been used in our process cooking experiences. Yum!!

Professional Development

Sue and Sam recently attended a narrative assessment workshop, on how to better implement the new Te Whariki.  The information was shared at our last staff meeting and will assist teachers in improving how the document is interwoven into assessment, programme and individual planning.

Diego The Tui and Pania The Piwakawaka

The Tui Room would like to introduce Pania the Piwakawaka and Diego the Tui to our new  Polyhigh whanau members .

These cuddly critters are a part of our positive guidance programme. We encourage children to make good choices, we foster independence and we also encourage the children to care not only for themselves but for others, this includes all living creatures within nature too and being  a kaitiaki (guardian) of Papatuanuku

All children in the Tui Room will get the opportunity to either take Diego or Pania home for the weekend. The Polyhigh Community childcare Centre’s Facebook page is a great platform to share photo’s of Pania and Diego’s adventures