Polyhigh’s Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan was developed by the parent committee and staff. We’re proud to present our plan of how we will achieve our vision to create a safe, happy, engaging, and sustainable environment.

Our strategic vision for the next 3 years

  • We continue to be recognised as a provider of high quality ECE services that are inclusive, culturally competent, flexible and responsive to the different needs of our children and community.
  • We continue to develop, attract, and retain high quality staff and teachers , with Polyhigh seen as an employer of choice within the sector.
  • Polyhigh is an extension of the family – Our communication is clear, relevant, and timely, so that parents and whanau feel a sense of belonging and a willingness to contribute their knowledge and skills to the Centre.
  • We celebrate our community (place based education) and value our environment, educating our children/tamariki on the value and practice of sustainability.
  • We continue to foster and make the most of our cultural diversity to facilitate multi-cultural learning.
  • Our business is strong and resilient, and we have clear goals in place that balance the highest possible level of care with affordability.
  • We have maintained and future proofed the quality of our governance and institutional systems.
  • We utilise technology to help us work smarter, to optimise operational management, and minimise duplication (business focus rather than teaching focus).

To download a full version of the Polyhigh’s Strategic Plan, click here.