Fee schedule 2016

Schedule of Fees (effective 4th January 2016)

The Management Committee annually reviews fees and optional charges and sets them at the lowest level possible to ensure increasing costs do not erode the high standard of education, care and facilities for which Polyhigh has become known. These fees are adopted by the parent committee.

Terms of Payment
Attendance and ECE fees are payable by automatic payment weekly. All other charges are payable 7 days after invoice. Fees are invoiced for 52 weeks of the year.

NOTE: Polyhigh Community Childcare Centre maintains a policy of using a debt collection agency to recoup any outstanding fees.

Attendance Fees
Daily 7.45am – 5.45pm $65.00 per day
Enrolment Fee $15.00 per child
Working Bee Fee $30-00 per day per family (non attendance)

Polyhigh is licensed by the Ministry of Education, the centre operates between the hours of 7.45 – 5.45 only.

Late Pick-up
Please be aware the centre is only licensed for children until 5.45 and staff rosters finish at 5.45, so please be ready to leave the centre by 5.45pm. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged per 5 minutes and every 5 minute blocks after that.

Casual Attendance Fee
Where a child is not enrolled for all session times it may be possible for a Casual Attendance to be arranged. Such days will be invoiced at the full attendance fee.

This is equal to fees for two weeks enrolment, charged at the Attendance fee above.

Enrolment Fee
The fee is charged on each new enrolment and is offset against the administration cost of enrolling each child.

ECE hours
Applies for children 3 years and over.

Only if a current Attestation Form is held by Polyhigh for an individual child will these fees apply, otherwise the Attendance Fee applies.

Each session will incur a charge of $6.70 per day for meals.

For non-attested hours a fee of $6.50 an hour will be charged.

This is charged out as per your child’s enrolment.

Fees cover all meals provided by Polyhigh, excellent teacher/child ratios, a generous resource and equipment budget (these are all quality extras over and above the ECE regulations).

Working Bee Fee
Polyhigh has two working bees each calendar year. These enable Polyhigh to complete routine and unskilled maintenance. Each working bee will be a maximum of 4 hours and will be carried out on a weekend advised by the Committee.

Download a copy Polyhigh Schedule of Fees 2016 Fee.