Kiwi Newsletter – Jan/Feb 2016

Kia ora and welcome to the new year.
We hope you all had a relaxed and peaceful time during the festive season.

We welcome our new children and Whānau:

  • Jesse – Cathy
  • Ethan – Cara, Paul and sister Ella
  • Florence – Charlie, Steve, sister Clementine and brother Harry
  • Rose – Tanya, Andrew and sister Lucy
  • Max  – Cat and Olly

We farewell the children who have transitioned to the Tuataras: Davy, Lulu, Anne and Eli. We have enjoyed following their journey of learning and growing in our Kiwi room. We wish you all the best with your new adventures and challenges.

Winsey will be traveling to China this month and during her absence Margaret will be relieving in the Kiwi room.

Visit to Havana coffee breweryOur Programme for the year has been a busy one with settling in our new children and transitioning the older children to the Tuataras. We have been focusing on their well-being and belonging.

As part of our group planning we would like to familiarize the children with the outside environment and community in relation to the centre. We would like to link the outings to a project that we can do with the children, or to enhance our own environment. (Outing policy and permission slips will be available).

So far we took a trip to Havana coffee brewery and looked at how the beans were ground. We also collected some coffee sacks which we used to cover a wall in our conservatory.

Please refer to our programme planning board for more details.
Friendly reminders:

  •  For hygiene and safety reasons please remove your shoes before entering the Kiwi room.
  • Please sunblock your child in the morning and record on chart. We will   reapply during the day.
  • Please check art folders and lost property box in the foyer.
  • Please provide extra clothing for water play.
  • We need plastic bags please.
  • In the morning please put your child’s bottle on the counter.

Ka kite from the Kiwi team.